Wax Melt Surprise Bag

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Get ready for this season with our Wax Melt Bag. Choose from two options, £5 or £10, and receive double the worth in randomised scents. No duplicates! These wax melts are perfect for filling your home with festive fragrance. Treat yourself or surprise a friend with this fun and affordable home decor accessory.

Key Features:

- Two options available: £5 bag or £10 bag

- Double the worth of wax melts included

- Randomised scents for variety

- No duplicates!

Upgrade your home decor this season with our Wax Melt Bag! 

Indulge yourself this season by filling your home with festive fragrance thanks to our Wax Melt Bag! With two options available - a £5 bag or a 10-pound version - you'll receive double the worth of wax melts to keep you going all month long.

Our randomised scents offer plenty of variety to ensure that each melt is unique, making sure you don't get any duplicates.

Don't miss out on this limited-time offer; grab one (or more) today and start indulging yourself in our beautiful scents!

These bags may contain our mega slabs, halloween collection clamshells,  christmas clamshells, snapbars, skulls, cauldrons, mini skulls, christmas shapes, wax melt pigs, castles, pumpkin shapes & many more.