Odour Eliminating Wax Melt Collection Box

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Our Odouraze Collection Wax Melts contain the smell controlling ingredient Odouraze, which is a technology designed to tackle and banish malodours and home & pet odours, meaning this collection doesn't just look and smell beautiful but serves a functional purpose as well, by counteracting any unwanted odours throughout the home.

The Odouraze Wax Melt Collection contains 8 Odouraze scents. Each scent can be cut in to whatever amount is required, be sure not to overfil your burner though!


Scents Included are as follows:

Lemon Fresh

A sharp citrus composition of sweet and tart ripened lemons with hints of pineapple and tea, including fresher notes of tea leaves and green apple, leading to a candy sweet trail of sugar and vanilla.

Luxe living

A beautiful, fresh floral fragrance opening with notes of clean cotton and ozone, followed by a heart of white blossoms. The base unfolds with cashmere, amber, musk and patchouli enriched by nuances of creamy vanilla. 

Citrus Fresh

A fresh zesty citrus fragrance with lemon, lime, sweet orange and pomelo.

Apple Fresh

A fresh, diffusive green apple fragrance with top notes slightly twisted with pear and lychee supported by a middle note of apple and a hint of muguet resting on a base of apple and peach.

Luscious Laundry

A sophisticated scent with an exotic infusion of aldehydes and citrus notes, enveloped in a lush floral heart unveiled by lily, jasmine and orange flower, and rounding off with hints of musk, amber and patchouli.

Kitchen Fresh

A clean and refreshing fragrance with top notes of fruit and citrus and delightful hints of chamomile, lavender, jasmine and rose, its woody patchouli base ensures a lingering aroma that'll bring you joy for days.

Cutie Paws

This heavenly scent carries a fragrant bouquet of lavender, aldehydes, orris, musks, and ambergris.

Perfect Pooch

A sophisticated blend of freesia, lily, jasmine, orchid, and iris mimosa, accented by sandalwood and warm amber.

Approx. 180g.

CLP information can be found on each product image.

Note: We have no affiliation with any of the brands/designers/products that our scent names are similar to and are not to be confused with the originals.

Names are only used for reference purposes to help our customers recognize a scent they may like.

Our scents are simply inspired by and similar to the original fragrances.